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Selmer Early to Mid 1960s Selmer faux croc skin Accordian Amp
Early to Mid 1960s Selmer faux croc skin Accordian Amp
Early to Mid 1960s Selmer faux croc skin Accordian Amp
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Early to mid 60’s, British made, Selmer tube amplifier. The earliest Pink Floyd records had this same tone as a good deal of their back line and instruments were Selmer. One main drive tube, EL84. Same circuit as “The Little Giant” amp by Selmer. Faux Croc skin covering with black and gold grill Look Amazing. Front end controls were professionally modified, as the original keyboard was unavailable. Great for guitar! Clean at 2, outrageous at 7. Original Goodman speaker. Cabinet has removable back with 3 working latches. Light weight, sounds great. Unit shows wear on corners, there are scratches, dings, & rust on the metal and latches commensurate with 60+ years of light, careful use. Original covering, grill cloth, and covering. Guitar & Guitar case, in photos, used for size reference only! Not included.

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