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Vox 1963/64 Vox AC 10 Twin [candy panel]

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This original Vintage Vox combo amp is in the top Three of amps I have heard, Candy red control panel indicates early 60’s, original Mullard and tungsol EL 84’s and Ecc 83’s pump out closer to 18 watts! This amp is just splendid original transformers and all components The Vox logo may be later, the cover is ill fitting and made for a larger cabinet. This amp has been serviced and works. We test ALL amps before shipment. We recommend with All Vintage tube amps that are 50 to 70 years old and very fragile, when shipped any distance. You should take the amp upon arrival to a competent Professional amp tech for inspection and check up. This is a normal part of any Vintage amplifier transaction and is the responsibility of the buyer. to insure and maintain professional standards to avoid unnecessary damage.

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